Can the Power of the Mind Change the Physical Conditons ?

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Can the Power of the Mind Change the Physical Conditons ? Empty Can the Power of the Mind Change the Physical Conditons ?

Post by Lynn on Thu Jul 08, 2010 8:23 pm

Here is a question posed to Edgar Cayce

“Can the power of the mind change physical conditions ?”

In reply Cayce wrote :

“…..For, as should be gained by all: Desire brought the Earth and the Heavens into being from the All-Wise Creator….by taking ‘thought’ no man shall add one cubit, nor can - by talking thought - the head be charged on whit. Yet desire, and the fathering and mothering of desire, may change a whole universe! For, from the desires of the heart do the activities of the brain, of the physical being, shape that as would be created by same.”

“What ye think, what ye devour as it were, that spirit of same ye become ?”

In reply Cayce wrote :

“ The never force of the body is the attribute to the mental man, just as the circulation is to the physical man. At times we find these (physical) conditions get on the nerves of the body as it were, and the body ceases or care to put up with the resistance, feeling as if there is no use.”

If one sees the mind in the more Metaphysical view point then the “mind” is not the brain but the mind is the over all consciousness that is free from the confines of the body to wonder. If one is of the more science view then the mind be the brain. Confined to the body solely.

I be of the feeling that the mind does have conscious desires to learn and grow and to explore as the mind to me is Soul and that Soul be on a path to Enlightenment, to what end really is open. Too all knowledge maybe ?

What we think we devour to me the thinking be the brain and from that the mind takes from it what it needs. We use the brain to process in information seen and felt but not experienced I feel that is for the mind.



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