What is a Chakra and the Color and Location

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What is a Chakra and the Color  and Location Empty What is a Chakra and the Color and Location

Post by Lynn on Tue Jun 01, 2010 12:39 pm

What are Chakras ?

In basic terms spiral energy points all inter relating to the other. The word Chakra comes form the Sanskrit word for “wheel”.

It is thought that if the Chakras are in balance with each other the physical and mental body will be in a state of good health. Each Chakra has a musical note and a color associated to it. It goes from Violet being of the shortest wavelength and Red being from the longest.

The study of Chakras goes to many a culture. They relate to such practices such as aromatherapy, mantras, Reiki, flower essences, radionics, sound therapy, color and light. Too they can be used in conjunction with acupuncture, tai chi.

There too are various numbers associated with the Chakra system the New Age one breaks them down to the seven.

The Crown, The Third Eye, The Throat, The Heart, The Solar Plexus, The Sacral, The Root.

The Chakra and Colors Associated

The first Chakra : The Base or Root Chakra. This is located at the base of the spine.
The color for this Chakra is RED. Its function is to ground one to the physical World.

The second Chakra The Spleen Or Sacral. This is located just below the navel. The color for this Chakra is ORANGE. Its function is sexual and reproductive functions.

The third Chakra is The Solar Plexus. This is located just above the navel and below the breast. The color for this Chakra is YELLOW . Its function is to give one a sense of personal empowerment.

The fourth Chakra is The Heart. This is located in the center of the chest. The color for this Chakra is GREEN. Its function is to aid in the function of the body immune system.

The fifth Chakra is The Throat Chakra. This is located in the neck. The color for this Chakra is BLUE. Its function is in the area of communications and creative thought. Deeply tied to the emotions.

The sixth Chakra is The Third Eye . This Chakra is located on the middle of the forehead just above the physical eyes. The color for this Charka is INDIGO. Its function is in the areas of the psychic, imagination and dreaming. It is where one travels out from.

The seventh Chakra is The Crown. This Chakra is located at the top of the skull. The color for this Chakra is Violet. The function is to connect to the higher realms of consciousness.

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