Sunday's Church Circle Discussion - Elemenatals, Mystical Creatueres, Fairies, Mother

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Sunday's Church Circle Discussion - Elemenatals, Mystical Creatueres, Fairies, Mother Empty Sunday's Church Circle Discussion - Elemenatals, Mystical Creatueres, Fairies, Mother

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Sunday Discussion - Celebration Centre

Elementals - Mythical Creatures - Fairies - Mother Earth - Moon and Moon Magicks

An Elemental is methodical being first in the alchemical works of Paracelsus.

The more traditional one’s are :

Gnomes - Earth Elemental - Human like creature but small or smallish in nature. Roots in Renaissance Magicks. Modern view Garden Gnome.

Undines - Water Elemental - Female form creature that is said to be about to take the Soul of a man and marry him then bare his child. Lives in forest ponds and waterfalls. Modern day image is often that of the Sea Mermaid.

Sylph - Air Elemental - Said to be an invisible creature of the clouds in the sky. In the form of clouds that seem to have wings. More modern day image is Angels.

Salamander - Fire Elemental - This is a combination of a lizard like creature and humanoid, with flames all around it. Modern ties take this into the Occult.

Mythical Creatures - Top Mythical Creatures

1) Griffon - Lion head, with wings of an Eagle.
2) Phoenix - Firebird of Ancient Egypt. Dies in fire and is re born in it. Normally with Red or Golden feathers.
3) Unicorn - Horse with a long single horn on its head. Usually White.
4) Satyr - Companion of the Greek God Pan. Usually seen as half man half goat.
5) Minotaur - Greek Mythology, upper body of a Bull lower body of a Man.
6) Cyclops - Member of the primordial Giant, with one single eye in the middle of the forehead.
7) Mermaid - or Merman - Human like creature with a tail instead of legs. Said to lure Sailors with her voice to the rocks and death.
Cool Gorgon - Wicked woman with fangs, and living snakes as hair. It is said that if one looks in her face one is turned to stone. ( Medusa)
Cool Banshee - From Irish Mythology are usually seen as female Spirits. They are considered to be death omens and are said to come from the “otherworld” to foretell or predict death.
9) Giant - Monster of great size and strength. Human in appearance common reference is in the Bible story of “David and Goliath”. In Mythology seen to be in conflict with the God’s and are associated with Chaos and wild nature.

Mythical Monsters - Creatures

Dragons, Fenrir ( Gigantic Wolf) , Ogopogo, Thunderbird, Nandi Bear (overgrown Hyena - like beast) , Sasquach , Abominable Snowman, Yeti, Grendel ( Troll), Cherubs.

Mother Earth - or Mother Nature

Common metaphysical expression for the Earth’s keeper and sustainer of life.

Mother Earth - Slavic deity

Gaia ( Mythology) Goddess personifying the Earth

Most common is of nature with the focus on life giving and nurturing features of nature.

Moon and Moon Magick

Full Moon

Full Moon represents the peek. The Sun and the Moon at this stage are opposite signs, some feel the energy passing between them. Many feel uplifted on the Full Moon. In the Crafts both Light and Dark this be a time of casting spells.

When one has set in play on the New Moon what one wants to bring into one’s life the Full Moon gives you a chance to release it so Spirit. It is now time for the Universe to work to bring it to reality.

New Moon

The New Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are aligned in the same sign, and a strong energy portal is opened to the Universe. It is the time to set goals one wants to obtain or things one wants to create. It can be as simple as bringing in the energy with candles or going into rituals.

Moon Magick is the belief that working with rituals at the time of different phases of the Moon.
Fairies - is a type of mythological being or legendary creature. They run through both mythology and folklore. At times described as magical.

Fairies are generally described as human in form and having magical powers. Their true origin is not clear, one is that they are a species completely independent from humans. Folklore suggests they are from a conquered race living in hiding.

Much of the folklore revolves around their malice, Iron is said to be poisonous to Fairies, or charms and herbs are used. Or avoiding locations known to be theirs.

In modern culture they are often depicted with wings from small to tall or even Angelic in nature. Wings while common in Victorian times are rare in Folklore.

Fairies go to :

Dead : They were the dead or some subclass of the dead. For Irish the Banshee, Scottish the Bean Shith, household Spirit like a Brownie.

Elementals - Viewed as an intelligent species, distinct from humans and Angels.

Demoted Angels - One story is that the Angels revolted, God ordered the Heaven Gates closed those whom remained inside the gates remained Angels, those outside the gates became Devils and those stuck in between became Fairies.

Demons - The belief that Fairies were demons entirely. This became more popular with Puritanism.

Humans - Less common but that fairies are actually humans, tale of how a woman had hidden some children from God, and then looked for them in vain, because they had become the hidden people, the Fairies.

Babies’ Laughs -

The story Peter Pan in J.M. Barrie’s 1902 novel “The Little White Bird”. Barrie wrote “ When the first baby laughed for the first time, his laugh broke into a million pieces, and they all went skipping about. That was the beginning of Fairies.”


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