What is Enochian Magick ?

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What is Enochian Magick ? Empty What is Enochian Magick ?

Post by Lynn on Mon Jun 07, 2010 5:04 pm

What is Enochian Magick ?

It is a long forgotten language. It is often said to be an Angelic language. Too is said to maybe be the most powerful of magicks the World has ever seen. More of the thought that like all things there be GOOD and BAD in it.

In the year 1581 Dr John Dee and Edward Kelly started to unlock the secrets of the Epoch of the Bible said to be knowledge of the Light . This was channeled knowledge given to given to Dee and Kelly. This was given by Great Angel Ave. Given at times backwards so not to open the door to the negative.

The Book of Epoch is an ancient work written by the Grandfather of Noah. It is not regarded as scripture in the Christian or Jewish faith.

“The Book of Watchers” is the first section for The Book of Enoch”. The Watchers are the Angels whom Fathered Nephilim ( means fallen one’s or they are said to have been one’s that would cause men’s hearts to fail at the sight of them. Too said to be that of Giants and when they fell the ground would shake and cause others to fall too.

According to the journals of Dee’s this was to be the language God used to create the Universe, and was later used by Adam to speak to God, but was lost when Adam had is fall from Eden ( Paradise). This was maybe to be the universal human language.

Like all thing with the Good is the Bad and it too its noted in the book “ The Satanic Bible.”

There are many written rituals done in this ancient language.


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