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Post by Mata on Sat Jun 05, 2010 7:55 pm

Common garden sage (Salvia officinalis) has been an important plant to mankind for thousands of years. The botanical name says it all, Salvia comes from a Latin word meaning 'to heal' and officinalis is a name used for plants that were sold in apothecaries. Being native to the Mediterranean region and naturalizing in various places all over the world it was used by the Romans in treating snakebites, divination and increasing women's fertility. It was used in the middle ages for sore throats, keeping animals out of food, and even beautifying treatments; being made into skin treatments and using strong infusions to strengthen and darken hair.

In British folklore it's said that where sage prospers the wife rules the home. Which attests to the plant's use for goddess and feminine magicks.
The planetary ruler is usually said to be Jupiter due to the fact that the plant contains traces of tin (Jupiter's metal). But same sources say that due to it's connection with feminine mysteries the moon is a more fitting ruler. I personally think that in this case it's good to get to know the plant and decide for yourself Smile

Sage is used in divination and purifying rituals. Burning it's dried leaves rises the vibrations of the area and clears negative influences, and the sprinkling of an infusion around the area serves a similar affect. It's also connected to longevity and immortality. One tea made from equal parts sage and lemon balm is a tea of immortality.

Sage is a very powerful plant that has many uses both in medicine and magick. It has much to teach those ready to learn, and on top of that, it's easy to grow Wink

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