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OBE and Astral Projections Empty OBE and Astral Projections

Post by Lynn on Sun May 30, 2010 10:41 pm

Astral Projection - Challenges and Some Things to Try

There is much written and talked on about OBE ( Out of Body) and Astral Projections but what really is it ? What does it feel like to go from the body in and event at times associated with the final leaving in death. Too death is but the Spirit and Soul leaving the Earth plane in the physical form.

When one leaves the body there is going to be some “Paralysis” this is often triggered to fear by the brain so one is held back from the full experience. The feeling of paralysis is there to let the body know that it has in fact split from the mind. How it feels is individual really some feel a heaviness others feel like one is being totally pinned in place. It is said to depend on the strength behind the projection at that time. The energy that is there in that moment.

Many experience this projections in the waking state. Example of this be the sleepy journey to that washroom in the middle of the night or where one goes and eats and does not recall if suddenly wakened even leaving one’s bed. Sleep walking might well be a state of partial projections.

If one suffers from this simple things can be tried to open one to being more aware in that moment. Wiggling one’s hand , concentrating the thoughts that are there in the mind’s set on moving a finger then to the full hand and asking to wake. The brain simply does not know what the body be up to. In bringing the mind back to the body the process is stopped from happening. Too takes time and being able to connect in that moment in knowing this is going to work.

This too can be an very unsettling event and can badly interfere with the quality of sleep one gets. Upon going to bed try telling one’s self before one drifts off to sleep that the mind and body be one and that the mind has control of the body in both conscious and unconscious states and if one wonders the BRAIN will kick in and bring back harmony.
In understanding one is master of both planes of consciousness one should find more balance.

Controlling the unwanted energy OBE vibrations, this can be done and the fear can be surrendered. To try to avoid the act of sleeping will only make things worse in the body in physical sense and the conscious awareness. In lack of sleep when the body does shut down to sleep mode one will have the need to project more. The body will need and seek that down time not give in restful sleep. If this is a real and nightly event seek advice of a professional. If its more a rare time event then try to settle one’s mind.

Things one can try is meditations and exercises that calm the mind and body. Herbal teas and cutting the intake of caffeine before bed. This is not a natural event for the body to have happen this is not a pleasant OBE experience or wonderful freeing Astral Event.

There is much talk on the “famous” vibrations. What this means is simply energy movement sensations. Also called the “waking state of consciousness” or “ heavy exit” , all comes down to the strength of the energy. It is said to be the state of being asleep but not asleep. Where one is a conflict of two awake conscious states. In a natural projection one falls a sleep and the mind settles and frees naturally the body to wonder. Lucid dream happen in this state but often are OBE events. To avoid the heavy exit is to learn to bring focus to both states of consciousness . This is done by finding a place of harmony in the body. Balance in surrendering to fear that is the biggest thing that hold back a natural projection.

Often there are things that happen to the physical body that one has issues with being socially accepted or normal. Things like for men erections and even at times full ejaculations events. This is normal and this is simply being out of balance in the torso regions of the body. Balance of the Sacral Chakra. It can even take one’s breath from them. Embrace this and bring balance to the body. In the arousal state this often stops the process of leaving. So control here aids in the full projections.

Laying prone is the most common position for this to happen. Try sitting in meditation or on one’s side, or propped up some.

Take the guilt too out of the event. That too holds one back.

What holds one back well that be fear nothing more at times fear of not coming back and fear of not being able to fear of what one might find. Like in life fear holds one back in many an occasion.

It’s the fear in not knowing what one will sense that holds one back. One will not be lost in projection as there is a Light Rod or Cord (known as many names). One will feel vibrations or energy shifts in the body accepting in that is huge. Getting to know slowly what the vibrations feel like getting to know how the physical body feels. Too takes time Astral and OBE does not happen overnight.

What is the purpose of projections the simple sensations of being free from the physical body.

There too are other aspects to one’s life that might block a projection things one might not realize. Often it might be as close as one’s Religion even if one has turned from that belief it may still be active in the sub conscious mind. Fear of how the exit will be raised heart rate at times is normal but makes one think heart attack.

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