Dreams Poem by Joseph Emet

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Dreams Poem by Joseph Emet Empty Dreams Poem by Joseph Emet

Post by Lynn on Sun May 30, 2010 9:57 pm


The Earth dreams of meadows and forests,
Of the white petals of raspberry bushes
And the soft whiskers of grasses
And the heavy boots of tractors.
The wind dreams of the morning mist
Clinging to lakes and streams,
Of colorful butterfly wings,
And wakes up to the stench of traffic
Speeding violently away.
Raindrops dream of green leaves to cling to,
Long streams to trickle down leisurely,
And of soft dark Earth to sink into,
And wake to splattered on asphalt,
Covered with grease and dust.
Our minds and bodies are also dreaming
Of flowering meadows, pure streams,
The company of innocent animals,
And of loving humans.
May we live and think in ways
To make these dreams come true

Joseph Emet

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