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Post by Lynn on Sun May 30, 2010 9:55 pm

Shape Shifting

What is it first off ?

Well simply put it is a shift from the human form
to that of an animal form. Done both menally
and physicaly. In the Astral Body.

One way is to be two in the one where ye are a
part the human form and a part the animal form.
Ye have the human aspect of thought but the
insticts of the animal in ye as well.

The other way is the full shift in the Astral Body
to be just the animal in all its form and beauty.
To leave the human part of ye behind. Still attached
but separate in the Astral form.

Ye do have to be well grounded and it does take a
ton of energies to do this. Too ye have to be well
aware that in being the animal ye become that
ye may well be "food" for another. Like all
Astral Journey's one had to be well grounded and
with protections in place "White Light" is what
I use to keep on safe.

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